What do we do

We enable  retailers maximize their revenue by providing a personalized shopping experience to their shoppers. We fast track the digitization and use the power of AI for 1 to 1 personalization
Target Customer

Who is it for

Our solutions work well for apparel, footwear, lingerie, bags and jewelry. Fashion retailers, department stores and online stores would benefit from our solution.

How does it work

Our solutions leverage artificial intelligence, computer vision and web technologies to create unique personalized shopping experience for shoppers taking into account their preferences, past purchase and browsing patterns.

Our platform

Whenever a shopper goes to a store, majority of the products that the person sees aren’t actually the products that he or she wants. Shoppers need to sift through a ton of irrelevant products before they find what they really need. That’s just what shopping has always been. But it’s not what shopping should be.

What if the first product that shopper sees is exactly the product he or she needed? Even better, what if all the merchandise in the whole store was displayed and ordered according to how much it mattered to the shopper?

That’s exactly what shopping should be — fast, simple, and personalized. Just a few years ago, that may have seemed impossible, but shopping is now rapidly evolving, both in the store and online. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automation, Tuzo can help retailers finally able to tailor shopping experiences to shoppers’ interests, based on real-time web browsing habits and shopping data.

We help fast-track digitization of product catalog using machine learning. The platform uses the self-learning power of Artificial Intelligence to enable retailers provide a personalized experience for their online and walk-in shoppers.

The platform not only helps increase revenues for retailers but also generates data that helps in demand planning and gain invaluable shopper insights.

Cross Channel Personalized Recommendations

My Showroom

My Showroom: Products are ranked based on Shopper Preference from style quiz, information on past purchases, browsing patters, etc.

MY Fit: Indication on each product on how it would fit on the shopper based on body shape (not measurement), body proportions, recommendations from stylists for similar body shape, etc.

Benefit to Retailer: Higher Conversion, Lower Returns, Higher Revenue & Brand Advocacy

Complete the Look

Suggest Automatic Looks or allow the shopper to create their own looks. Retailers can even suggest similar items to their shoppers using our MY LookBook solution

Shoppers can share the “Look” on Instagram, Facebook and can buy the Look

Benefit to Retailers: Helps cross-sell and increase the Average Order Value

Visual Search

Visual Search

Help your shoppers find that awesome bag that Kim Kardashian carries or the sandal that her best friend wears everyday to college.

Just click a picture of the product and our AI driven algorithms will search the inventory of the retailer to give either the exact match if the product is available or give visually similar products. Visual Search makes the product discovery easy and fast.

Benefit to Retailer: Higher Conversion, Faster Sale Closure, Customer Satisfaction

Automated Product Tagging

Are you looking to quickly digitize your inventory? Look no further, we use computer vision to automatically tag the product images, write description and the style note.

Product Discovery is Constrained by Tagging Quality. The manual process is prone to mistakes and structure problem leading to poor discovery on search engines and third party marketplaces.

Tuzo’s Automated Product Tagging solution enriches images with SEO friendly tags at a pace significantly faster than the manual process and that too at a lower cost!

Benefit to Retailers: Better Product Discovery, Better SEO, Lower Cost and Fast Catalog Creation

Automated Tagging

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Give your shoppers the experience they deserve by implementing “Click & Collect”. The shoppers can pick up the product of their choice from the store location of their choice at a convenient time.

Shoppers today want to try before buying but would like to reserve the product in the store so that they are sure to find it when they visit the store. A large number of shoppers want to save time by ordering grocery online and picking up from the store for instant gratification.

90% of the retailers would implement Click & Collect by 2021, make sure you are one of them.

Benefit to Retailer: Omni Channel experience, competitive advantage to offline retailers vs pure play online players, higher revenue, lower delivery cost

Why is Personalization Important?

Shoppers Expect Personalization

71% Shoppers express frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal

41% consumers expect salesperson to know what they brought from online channel

Drive higher and faster Conversions

88% retailers reported measurable lift in business results

53% reported a lift greater than 10%

Personalization Drives Brand Advocacy

39% shoppers will tell others about personalized experience

Personalization Drives Impulse and Repeat Purchase

44% likely to become repeat buyers

49% brought a product they did not intend to buy

Personalization Lacking in Eyes of Shopper

51% expect personalization in department store vs. 17% who actually get

77% expect personalization in online store vs. 23% who actually get

Leverage Rich Data Insights

Actionable insights on shopping behavior and preferences for each shopper not only help sell more but also help manage the back-end processes like demand planning, inventory management better

Case Study

% Increase in Revenues
% Increase in Basket Size
% Increase in Conversions
% Happy Shoppers
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