CLICK & COLLECT Offering a complete end to end experience TRUE OMNICHANNEL EXPERIENCE FOR SHOPPERS

Give Shoppers the Experience They Deserve

Most businesses have spent time and effort in creating excellent websites and many list all the products they are selling in-store. However, most websites are static in nature and lack information around basic shopper needs like availability,  SKUs (e.g. sizes), etc. The businesses are yet to integrate the brick and mortar stores with their websites and mobile apps to give a consistent omni-channel experience.

Today, the shoppers expect seamless and consistent experience across all channels. Shoppers may want to try a product before buying or simply want to save time while in-store.

Tuzo can help you provide the experience your shoppers deserve by implementing an end to end “Click & Collect” solution (also known as Buy Online, Pickup In-Store – BOPIS) with integration with your existing IT systems.

Click & Collect

Benefits of Click & Collect

Shopper Convenience

Brings together the benefit of online shopping and instant gratification. Shoppers love the convenience and the freedom they get when they can pick up from the store of their choice and at a time of their choice

Helps Retailers Differentiate

Most retailers struggle to differentiate especially when the products are undifferentiated. Click & Collect can make the retailers stand out in a crowded market and gain share at expense of competition

Lowers Cost of Order Fulfillment

Click & Collect can co-exist with online sales for faster gratification. The cost is lower than online as the shopper picks up the order instead of retailer making the last mile delivery

Higher Sales

Convenience drives more shoppers to use the service. Also, most shoppers end up buying additional items when they visit stores. Revenues increase due to higher footfall & basket size

Alternative to Online Store

Many retailers are not yet ready for online sales either due to high cost of shipment  or due to complexity. Click & Collect is a good alternative and learning can be used for online store implementation eventually

Better In-Store Queue Management

The delivery of Click & Collect customers can be separate one in the store leading to better management of queue as POS for In-store shoppers. Fast delivery for Click & Collect further enhances shopper satisfaction

Our Solution

Tuzo has a comprehensive solution for Click and Collect to jump start your omni-channel journey. The salient features of our solution are

  • Fully customizable solution as per your needs
  • Supports multi-product and multi-store locations
  • Simple & integrated process from reservation to delivery
  • Integrates with any existing ERP, inventory management, eCommerce and POS systems
  • Extensive Real Time reports and analytics
  • Real time action screen for in-store staff detailing the pick-ups in the pipeline
  • Personalized and relevant communication with shoppers over SMS, email and app notifications
  • Linked with our personalization suite and opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell and make personalized recommendations

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