Who does not like recommendations or personalized attention in retail! Recently, I came across a survey on State of Personalization by “Segment”. There are pretty interesting insights that build a case for personalized shopping experience in retail stores.

Consumers expect personalized shopping experience across channels be it online or offline, large format or short format, mono-brand stores or multi-brand stores. However, there is a mismatch between shopper expectation and what they get in the stores when it comes to personalized experience.

Consumer expectation vs actual experience on personalization

Consumers are clearly asking the retailers to personalize and individualize the shopping experience but are the retailers ready? In my opinion, hyper personalization in retail requires a mindset change and needs to be part of the digital transformation effort. Leading digital transformation with hyper personalization would mean a sea change in the retailer’s approach to customer experience and in the way the retailers would run the back-end processes. Many retailers have already started their journey on this path and many more expected to join.

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