ABOUT US PASSIONATE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Over 100 years of Experience in Retail, Marketing and Technology


Tuzo is focused on bringing innovative solutions that help retailers connect with their customers in newer and better ways


Tuzo means Rewards in Swahili
Tuzo helps the retailers benefit from the shopper insights generated in real time. The shopper insights help the retailers provide a personalized shopping experience to each shopper, manage the inventory better and better demand planning. The shopper insights are also used to reward the shoppers. In our experience, the retailers see an increase in sales by up to 20% due to increase in shopper satisfaction, return purchase and impulse purchase.
The founders of the company come from varied backgrounds and have extensive experience in retail, marketing, strategy and technology. The founders share the passion for using technology for better shopping experience.
When we first thought of starting on our own, we had a lot of brainstorming sessions on the idea. Our initial idea was to focus on loyalty programs but we soon realized that in order to have next generation loyalty program, we need to focus on insights which not only come from the purchase but also from the actions and preferences of the shopper inside or outside of the store. The insights should be captured as soon as the shopper enters the store and hence we decided to create a personalization suite that would harness the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to create real time shopper insights that would not only increase sales but also increase customer loyalty. We were clear that the shopper insights are the real “rewards” for the retailers and would ultimately benefit the shoppers as well. This is the reason we needed a word that epitomizes the word “rewards” and we found the perfect word in Swahili – Tuzo!


We hold values close to our heart and are fundamental to our existence!


We strive to build trust with our customers and their customers.

Privacy of shoppers is paramount and we never share the shopper data with anyone


We value passion, determination and excellence in all our endeavors.

We are hungry, passionate and strive to solve problems in creative ways.


We have customer centricity in our DNA !

All stakeholders (customers, employees, investors and society) are our customers.


We are committed to strive for innovation and creativity.

We are committed to make a difference.


Why our customers trust us?