Better Product Discovery with Automated Product Tagging

Product Discovery is Constrained by Tagging Quality

Your products are always competing to get a better visibility and ranking on online sites. Product tagging plays an important role in text based search and most companies spend significant resources to get this right. However, in most companies, the process is still manual, time consuming, prone to mistakes with sub-optimal product tagging for SEO

Automated Product Tagging Enriches Images with SEO Friendly Tags

Automated Product Tagging uses the power of computer vision and AI to automatically add detailed product tags, create product description, style notes and look-books. This would not only reduce the time to market but would also help better SEO and rankings for your products
Automated Tagging

Demo of Automatic Tagging

Click on videos from Footwear, Apparel and Handbag segments

(P.S. there is no sound in videos so that you can watch anywhere)




How Does it Work

Features & Benefits

Get our solution for faster reach to market

Higher Ranking on Marketplaces

Improve listings on Marketplaces with standardized, structured and detailed product tagging

Free from Errors

Manual entry of tags by content writers is prone to human errors. No scope for Errors in AI tagging

Better Tags for SEO

The AI generated tags are structured and consistent which can be better read by SEO leading to better visibility on search engine

Highly Scalable

Just give it us and we do the rest

Lightening Fast Turnaround

Automated tagging creates the catalog much faster than normal process and at a fraction of the cost

Significant Cost Saving

The AI driven product tagging takes away the need for large teams of content writers leading to significant cost savings

Pilot with us

We pick up sufficient images from any one category and provide you the catalog

Complete catalog

Complete catalog as output (Tagged products, Product Descriptions, Style Notes & Multiple Lookbooks options)

Fast Turnaround

Quick pilot with sufficient images to prove the benefits

Clear Results

Pilot results to clearly show the reduction in costs, time and resources with enhanced quality

Pilot at no cost

Free pilot if an annual contract is signed
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