Why BraFit Solution?

80% of women do not wear the right bra size or style
Women need expert advice but the saleswomen are not well trained and do not have necessary tools
70% of talent in lingerie industry are not perfectly skilled
Many shoppers shy to ask the sales women for advice

How Does it Work

Benefits of BraFit Solution

Shopper Satisfaction

The BraFit solution has over 90% accuracy levels leading to satisfied shoppers

Higher Sales & Conversion

Increase in sales as women quickly find the bras of choice and fit. A lingerie retailer reported increase of 45% in conversion and basket size higher by 30%

Unified Online & Offline Shopping Experience

Brafit Solution can be used in-store or integrated in the online store giving consistent shopper experience

Sales Assistant

Selling bra is one of the most technical selling and 70% of sales staff is not trained to do so. BraFit helps sales staff give the right advice to shoppers

Better Demand Planning

Capture deep, invaluable insights about shopper which is an important input into demand planning

Opportunity to Cross-sell

With each search, there are more opportunities to understand the shopper preferences and provides opportunity to cross-sell