A Million Stores for Million Shoppers

Whenever a shopper goes to a store, majority of the products that the person sees aren’t actually the products that he or she wants. Shoppers need to sift through a ton of irrelevant products before they find what they really need. That’s just what shopping has always been. But it’s not what shopping should be.

What if the first product that shopper sees is exactly the product he or she needed? Even better, what if all the merchandise in the whole store was displayed and ordered according to how much it mattered to the shopper?

That’s exactly what shopping should be — fast, simple, and personalized. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Tuzo can help retailers to tailor shopping experiences to shoppers’ interests, based on real-time web browsing habits and shopping data.


Curate the Content for each Shopper

Help them find what they love, know how it fits and flatter them with complete outfit
Find Dress
Fit Dress
Flatter the shopper

Challenges Faced by Retailers

Inability to give Personalized Experience

Brick and Mortar Retailers struggle to “Know” the walk-in customers and their preferences and so fail to provide a Personal Experience In-Stores

Short Attention Spans

Online retailers have 30-40% bounce rates and 1-3% conversions due to short customer attention spans

High Return Rate

Online retailers face high return rates of upto 30%


Lack of Direct Customer Data

Getting customer and design insights based solely on POS data leaves out 60-70% of  visitor data

High Unsold Inventory

Over 30% of clothes made fail to get sold


Huge Discounting

Almost 50% of inventory is marked down



Our Solution

Our platform uses Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to listen to customer’s social influences, fashion inspirations, stated style preferences and body shape to build her Unique Profile.

We have built a product genome for apparel, lingerie, jewellery & beauty, taking into consideration 100s of attributes of a product that have an influence in determining preferences, fit and style.

Customers interact with a few products we show them in a visual, interactive interface akin to Netflix and that helps us capture their universal preference data. We match products to each customer so they find what they love, love what they find and know  how to style it.

Our Unique Advantages

If you have a million Shoppers, we help you build a million stores!

1-1 Personsonalization

Our algorithms provide 1-1 Personalisation even with no historical customer browse or purchase data

Single View on Shoppers

We provides the retailer a Single View of the Shopper across channels and Devices

Works across Shopper Journey

Works across the entire shopping journey for the shopper (Pre-Buy, Buy
and Post-Buy)

Omni Channel

Our solution works both In-store as well as online

High Accuracy

Far more accurate than solutions that depend on POS and Social data

Full Spectrum of Fashion Industry

Applicable for apparel, footwear, handbags, accessories, jewellery, lingerie, beauty & cosmetic products

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