Style Advisor

An AI stylist for each customer advising each what looks good on them and what size fits them

Step 1: Shopper interacts with a virtual style advisor either on your website , mobile app or on a dedicated link

Step 2: Style advisor asks a few non intrusive questions

Step 3: Shopper responds to them with answers or uploads an image and searches for similar items

Step 4: Style advisor makes recommendations from your catalogue based on shopper responses, ranks them based on how it would look on them and Global fashion trends

Step 5: Once the shopper chooses one piece of outfit, it recommends the matching accessories like shoes, handbags , etc.,

Step 6: Shopper can save multiple look books and compare them

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Personal Advisor

Provide a personal shopping advisor to each shopper and engage with them at individual level
Conversion Rate

Increase Conversions

Increase conversion rate by showing what your shopper likes in real time
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Sales Enablement

Enable your sales team with knowledge of your shopper preferences, style trends and your inventory
Sales Increase

Better Demand Planning

Plan your inventory based on what customers are looking for and what is trending