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Visual Search

Searching for a dress or accessory in a catalog is a tedious process as the search requires multiple attributes to find the right product. Providing multiple attributes is an impossible task and this is where the visual search comes into play.  The shopper just needs to take the picture of the dress that she wants to find and our AI powered algorithms would do the rest. The search would provide either the exact match if it is available or will provide similar looking dresses from the inventory of the retailer.

Step 1: Shopper uses the camera to click a picture of the product

Step 2: Shopper uploads the picture from the gallery or directly from the camera

Step 3: The image is analysed and either the same product or visually similar products are displayed from the store catalog

Benefits of Visual Search

A Shortened Path from Search to Conversion

The easier for a shopper to find the product they are looking for, the less friction there is to achieve sales. Studies show visual search leads to checkout twice as quickly as text based search

Higher Sales & Conversion

Increase in sales as shoppers quickly find the products of choice. A fashion retailer reported 20-30% in segments where visual search was introduced

Integrates Online & Offline Shopping Experience

Visual Search is one of the best ways to integrate online and offline as it establishes connection between shopper’s everyday lives in physical world with your online site

Higher Shopper Satisfaction

Shoppers are satisfied and keep coming back due to convenience

Better Demand Planning

The image search is a good source of information on shopper preferences and can be an important input into demand planning

Opportunity to Cross-sell

With each search, there are more opportunities to understand the shopper preferences and provides opportunity to cross-sell